Tu Lan cave system 2Days – La Ken and To Mo Valleys

Tour Code: IGT-CAV-17

Duration: 2Days / 1 Night

Price: From US$ 160 – 430/ Pax

La Ken valley and To Mo valley are located in the Tu Lan area near Tan Hoa Village, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh. This is about 70km North West of Phong Nha. This area of mountains, rivers and valleys has formed many caves. The beautiful stalagmites and stalactites inside the caves, small waterfalls and underground rivers make Tu Lan a unique place for adventurous trekkers.

The tour is designed for 2 days and 1 night, with overnight at the campsite in front of Tu Lan Cave. You will experience living in the jungle and caving, a chance for animal watching and fishing in the river. The trekking distance is about 7km and there are 2 moderate hills.

The tour starts at 07:30am from Phong Nha and finishes around 16:00pm at Phong Nha town.

Adventure level: Midium

Highlights: Primary forest; Chuot Cave; Gibbon Cave; Hung Ton Cave; To Mo valley; Song Oxalis Cave; Night fishing; Overnight in jungle

Trekking gear: Helmet, trekking boots (wet and dry trek), trekking pole, headlight, hammock, sleeping bag.



To Mo Valley


Gibbon Cave


Hung Ton Cave


Day 1: Phong Nha -Tan Hoa-Rat cave–Gibbon cave, To Mo valley (L, D)

  • 07:30 Depart from Phong Nha to Tan Hoa Village by vehicle
  • 09:00 Arrive at trekking point at Tan Hoa village
  • 09:00 Trek through Chuot Cave to reach La Ken valley
  • 11:00 Relax and have lunch in the valley
  • 12:00 Trek to Gibbon Cave. Explore Gibbon Cave
  • 14:30 Trek to To Mo valley
  • 16:00 Arrive at To Mo valley, prepare the campsite, swimming
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 Overnight at campsite in To Mo valley

Day 2: To Mo valley – Hung Ton cave – Song Oxalis cave – Phong Nha (B, L)

  • 08:00 Breakfast:
  • 09:00 Explore Hung Ton wet cave and dry cave.
  • 10:30 Explore Song Oxalis Cave
  • 12:00 Trek back to Tan Hoa Village
  • 13:00 Lunch at local restaurant in Tan Hoa
  • 14:30 Car pick-up and transfer to Phong Nha
  • 16:00 Arrive in Phong Nha, tour ends

Land price per person (PRIVATE Tour):

Group 1 pax 2 pax 3-5 pax 6-8 pax 9-12 pax Note
430 250 216 185 160 Extra porter is US$20/Day


Tour includes:

  • Picnic lunches
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast (at the cave)
  • Entrance fees
  • Trekking gear
  • Tour guide
  • Porter (3 Pax share 1 porter)
  • Transportation (during the tour at Phong Nha)



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